Tintype in 7 seconds

Tintype Process in 7 Seconds from Riley MacLean on Vimeo. Here's a quick video Tyler McPherron shot on his iphone. I really dig the first person perspective of a tintype portrait sitting in a few seconds.

meanwhile | country landscape

Landscape image as part of my farm-to-table series.

Museum Life and Science Wedding Panorama

The Life and Science museum in Durham, NC has a great boardwalk to make to make fun scene setting landscape portraits.

colorado landscape

Here's a photo from my road trip last fall in western Colorado. One thing I miss about living in the west are the horizon view of snow dusted evergreen trees with a few Aspens peppered in the landscape.

Guard Dog

My canine Dexter accompanies me almost everywhere, but I rarely bring him along to photo shoots. These certainly make him look more intimidating than he actually is. Although I'm confident he would protect my equipment from small children.…

Portrait of my Father

I've made many portraits of my father over the years, and full disclosure I've never gone out of my way to make a particularly flattering image. It's not to say that I don't want to make a portrait he'll love, but I've always been most…

meanwhile | urban tree 2

A random photo of an ongoing series I've been working on for five or six years. I was originally drawn to the strangeness of the way cities are landscaped, but now I think I photograph urban trees out of habit. The series is a fun collection…

Jackie and Jon |Durham Portrait Photography

Jackie and Jon's engagement session was at Duke Homestead (which I'd never explored previously), and over near the Scrap Exchange in the Golden Belt District. We met in the morning and took advantage of the warm…