A room full of artists keeps me on my toes

Normally this page is all about my photos, but today I thought I’d show you my house, which features several other other local artists. See that gorgeous photo of the woman with the Macaw on her head? It’s a Christopher Wilson original, which I won at a charity auction hosted last year by Natalia Weedy (both local here in the triangle). Harder to see in this photo is a painting by Melanie Norris, whose work I discovered a few years back in Asheville, a couple of small prints are by Anna Thompson, flowers by Blue Bird Meadows Farm, my couch by my buddies at Perch. Finally, my dining room table was made by Evan Berding right here in Durham. I love being part of a community of amazing artists, and love supporting them whenever I can!

CW-Print-002 5.41.51 PM.jpg
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