Hiring a wedding photographer is a big deal. 

You put a lot of trust and and confidence in your photographer. Everyone says that your wedding day will fly by in an instant, and I'm extremely grateful to the hundreds of couples over the last ten years who have trusted me to create a frame-by-frame record of that day that they can revisit, enjoy, and share for generations to come. 

Most of my clients are referred to me by friends, family, and colleagues, which I take as a compliment of the highest order - a referral speaks louder than any words could that those clients are happy not only with their photos but also with their experience.

Then again, good old-fashioned compliments like the ones below and these over on Google are pretty great too.


I cannot recommend Riley highly enough for wedding photography. We just got our images back, and they are so stunning - with each image, he was able to capture the individual's personality or friend dynamics in his shots, even with people he had no direct interaction with. Riley truly listened to what was important to us, and reflected that in our photos - primarily capturing moments of joy (and sass and outrageous dancing) for ourselves and our guests, which is exactly what we wanted to remember from the night. I have just been going through the photos over and over again because they bring me so much joy. On the logistical side, they are also well-organized, easy to share, and were presented to us in a lovely little keepsake box filled with cotton.

Outside of the final product, Riley made the entire experience working with him very easy, low stress, and frankly just a joy. He is a lovely human and did everything in his power to make sure our wedding was as stress-free as possible. For example, before the wedding, he invited us to his home to make tintype portraits for us as a way to get to know one another beforehand. I told him about what made me most anxious about the wedding (being stared at constantly all night, and complicated family dynamics), and at the rehearsal dinner, he knew instinctively when I was starting to get overwhelmed by family, and seamlessly provided me an out of going to "take photos" (AKA drink wine outside on the patio). From our initial sit-down to him delivering our cake stands back to the bakery on his way home from a very long weekend, he went above and beyond every step of the way.

Riley was truly a pleasure to work with, and there was nothing at all I would have wanted to change about my experience. In fact, I don't think my wedding day would have been half as smooth and fun were it not for his calm confident competence, combined with just the right level of self-deprecating humor to keep things light.




Catherine and David

We met Riley this past summer when he photographed our engagement pictures. Right away, we were so impressed with his genuine personality, humor, and overall his incredible creativity. My (now) husband and I were pretty nervous about getting pictures taken as it's not something either of us do, but Riley never made us feel forced or staged. On the wedding day, Riley was a source of calm and just made us feel so comfortable. He joked around with our bridal party and family and friends and as a result captured all of the best moments from our day in a truly natural, beautiful light. We couldn't have asked for a better representation of the day. And it was all Riley- we gave really very little input into the shots that we wanted but he has a unique way of finding those details and those emotive moments. Obviously, we were super happy with our experience with Riley MacLean Photography!

Heather and Ryan

Riley is an extremely talented photographer and he truly made our wedding special. He captured every special moment and he provided us with so many amazing photos, way more photos then I actually expected.
He was extremely easy to work with and he works really hard to build a relationship with the people that he photographs. This was important to us since we wanted someone that would provide us unique photos that captured "us".
Riley was also able to work with all of the other vendor's at our wedding flawlessly. A lot of photographers will only spend a designated amount of hours shooting before their time is up at events, but Riley was there for the entire day. He was one of the first people on site and he was one of the last people to leave.
I would recommend him to anyone and if I ever need another photographer in the future he will definitely be the first person that I call.


Jill and Chris

Riley’s got a wonderful demeanor, he’s fantastic to work with, he does phenomenal work, he’s an artist, as much as he’s a wedding photographer. I would recommend Riley to anyone who’s looking for photographs. He turned something that could have been awkward and uncomfortable for people who aren’t into it into something that was fun and very enjoyable to have the photos made.

Kristyn and Andrew

Thank you thank you THANK YOU for the most amazing engagement session EVER! We had so much fun that it wouldn’t even matter if we hadn’t been taking pictures, except that the pictures turned out incredible! If we weren’t sure before, now we KNOW we hired the right person to photograph our wedding.


Annie and Jack

We loved working with Riley! He was so great to have on our wedding day, he made everyone feel comfortable and at ease during our many photoshoots, and was so mindful and thoughtful about our family dynamics. He even helped a bunch of our groomsmen tie their bowties! The photos he shot were gorgeous and artful--much more interesting than the cookie-cutter wedding shots we were trying to avoid. We can't recommend him enough!!

Haley and Matt

We can’t say enough positive things about Riley and our experience working with him for our wedding photos and the photo sessions (engagement tintypes and bridal portraits) leading up to the big day. Riley is a thoughtful and creative photographer who is grounded in classical techniques with an amazing edge. He delivered a great mix of photos, very promptly and efficiently, and also provided image files and printing rights as a part of his wedding package, which some photographers don't always offer. Riley’s warm and personable nature, and the fact that he got to know us prior to the wedding, made us (and our friends and family) feel so relaxed and comfortable on such an emotionally charged day! Throughout the entire process, he was very responsive and listened to our requests, questions and concerns. His photos truly captured the emotions, sentiments and special moments surrounding our wedding. His second photographer for the wedding, Annemie, was also great and really complemented his work. My husband and I often say how lucky we were to have found Riley, and we highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a spirited, talented and creative wedding photographer (and friend). He won’t disappoint!



Aly and Michael

Where do I begin with Riley? Absolutely amazing. Riley is a spunky, hilarious and creative person. He sees the beauty in the most unique things. I think our wedding pictures are different and unique, but still traditional and timeless. Riley gets to know you and brings out your personalities in your pictures. Our wedding was also at night, which I think can be a challenge for many photographers. Riley does amazing work with nighttime pictures. Our pictures outside in the dark are some of my absolute favorites. (I included just one example below.) Riley is SO worth every single penny. P.S. He may or may not include a few extras for his brides. ;) Riley is absolutely wonderful, and I cannot say enough good things about him.

Maria and Lance

Riley does an amazing job of capturing the moments from your ceremony that you always want to remember. There are very few staged poses... everything is focused on moments. The other thing I loved is that he does all of that without disrupting the ceremony by being right in the middle of the event. We hardly saw him during the ceremony, yet he captured the most amazing photos. We LOVE our pictures and our album. Thanks Riley!!


Stephanie and Dave

Riley is a phenomenal photographer. He is easy to work with, fun to be around and has a beautiful eye. Even from 1,000 miles away, he took the time to get to know us individually and as a couple, and effortlessly translated our photos pregnant with emotion. On our wedding day, he and his assistant meticulously, but unobtrusively, captured every moment. He was first-class and I highly recommend him.


Eliza and Matt

Working with Riley was so easy and so fulfilling. He is kind, authentic, and talented. We're thrilled with the pictures from our wedding but even more so with the relationship we built with him through multiple sessions of photography. He was more than just a photographer; he really felt like part of the wedding. We highly recommend him for your special day!

Reena and Shawn

My father had only one thing to say after seeing our wedding albums: "Riley isn't a photographer, he's an artist".

Cara and Ben

Where do we begin? You did an amazing job capturing our most special day. Truly, pictures of the best momories in the most magical way. Can't say thanks enough!! - Cara

Dude... you are seriously good at your craft! You made us so comfortable and can't imagine that day without you guys. We heart you big time and can't wait to grab brews! -Ben

Maria and Alex

Our experience with Riley was exceptional! We met prior to the wedding several times to discuss our vision for the day and to get to know each other better. He felt like part of the wedding party and we enjoyed having him with us. He was able to capture amazing photographs of the day without invading our time with friends and family. 
Over and above our wedding day experience, Riley is a photographic artist and we were able to take part in his tintype project. We received images that we really treasure and are excited to show off to our friends and family. 
I would highly recommend Riley for any occasion. He was easy – and fun – to work with!

Annie and Jeff

I know we’ve said it a million times already, but it’s true: you are incredible! We stressed so much about our photo budget, and looking back, I’d spend twice that in a heartbeat: the photos you took are now our most prized possessions!

Collins and John

From the outset, my husband and I felt comfortable with Riley as did our families on our wedding day. Both of us were nervous about not being particularly photogenic (neither one of us likes taking pictures), but Riley put us at ease and told us to just be ourselves. Our wedding day photography experience was fun and easy, and we were thrilled with our ultimate wedding pictures.