A few favorite thank you notes.

barbara & beth

We have been in love for so long, but have always been quiet about it by necessity. We’ve never had the chance to have the couples photos that others have. But now we do. Riley, your photos are beautiful – we will treasure them and display them and savor the memories of our 22 years, our wonderful celebration, and our new friend.

annie & jeff

I know we’ve said it a million times already, but it’s true: you are incredible! We stressed so much about our photo budget, and looking back, I’d spend twice that in a heartbeat: the photos you took are now our most prized possessions!

Riley’s got a wonderful demeanor, he’s fantastic to work with, he does phenomenal work, he’s an artist, as much as he’s a wedding photographer. I would recommend Riley to anyone who’s looking for photographs. He turned something that could have been awkward and uncomfortable for people who aren’t into it into something that was fun and very enjoyable to have the photos made.

Thank you thank you THANK YOU for the most amazing engagement session EVER! We had so much fun that it wouldn’t even matter if we hadn’t been taking pictures, except that the pictures turned out incredible! If we weren’t sure before, now we KNOW we hired the right person to photograph our wedding.

maria & alex

Our experience with Riley was exceptional! We met prior to the wedding several times to discuss our vision for the day and to get to know each other better. He felt like part of the wedding party and we enjoyed having him with us. He was able to capture amazing photographs of the day without invading our time with friends and family.
Over and above our wedding day experience, Riley is a photographic artist and we were able to take part in his tintype project. We received images that we really treasure and are excited to show off to our friends and family.
I would highly recommend Riley for any occasion. He was easy – and fun – to work with!