Duke Chapel Wedding Camp Out

This past summer, I was asked by Southern Bride & Groom to capture a decades old tradition of camping out at Duke Chapel to secure the cathedral as a wedding venue. The Duke Chapel Camp Out, as it is known, allows hopeful couples to wait in line, sometimes for days. Since all weddings are assigned on a first come, first serve basis, it takes a dedicated and eager couple to withstand the sheer discomfort of spending up to days in a hot tent in humid Durham, North Carolina. This was definitely a phenomenon I had to see to believe but it was a lot of fun and I was able to meet some great couples. Here’s are the photos to prove it:

Duke-Chapel-Wedding-Camp-1 Duke-Chapel-Wedding-Camp-2 Duke-Chapel-Wedding-Camp-3 Duke-Chapel-Wedding-Camp-4 Duke-Chapel-Wedding-Camp-5 Duke-Chapel-Wedding-Camp-6 Duke-Chapel-Wedding-Camp-7 Duke-Chapel-Wedding-Camp-8 Duke-Chapel-Wedding-Camp-9 Duke-Chapel-Wedding-Camp-10 Duke-Chapel-Wedding-Camp-11 Duke-Chapel-Wedding-Camp-12